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Almost a week since I updated last. What have I been doing? Not… - The unexamined life — LiveJournal
February 9th, 2002
12:50 am


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Almost a week since I updated last. What have I been doing? Not much. I've had two Community Education Spanish classes. I'm not doing very well because I'm too shy to practice in class with the other students and I don't have anyone to practice with outside of class. Oh well.
Went to an enjoyable MnStf meeting last Saturday. mizzlaurajean hosted and did a very fine job. One of my definitions of a good host is that they make each of their guests feel special, and I would have to say that each time that I've been a guest in her home Laura Jean has succeeded at least in making me feel special. It was the first board of directors nominations meeting and I was nominated by drewan (Thanks Andrew!). I was also nominated last year, though I didn't really have much of a chance of winning. This year I figure my odds are about five to one against. Others who were nominated include mizzlaurajean, lsanderson and laurel.
I've sent out a few more resumes but still haven't even had a nibble for an interview. At times I feel as if I'll never get a job again.
Spent way too much time playing RtCW. Considering it's just the single player demo version it's amazing how much time I've wasted on it. I've spent some time poking around ElderMOO. As far as I can tell there's almost no one active on it any more but it's still kind of interesting to explore.
I've worked on various web projects including the Minicon 37 page and the Relaxacon page (major update coming soon).
I've spent a bunch of time dithering over whether or not I'm going to the MISFITS open meeting on Saturday. I don't know how many people I'll know there and don't know what their meetings are like. Basically it's just my normal excessive shyness kicking in. I still haven't decided and probably wont until it's time to go (or past time).

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Date:February 9th, 2002 03:32 pm (UTC)
I was glad you made it to the MISFITS meeting, it was good someone made it, considering there wasn't any promotion of the meeting besides a note on the calendar on the web site. And that showed in the attendence this time.

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