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Mark your calendars for Convivial 2 in Fall 2007 - The unexamined life
January 25th, 2007
02:06 pm


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Mark your calendars for Convivial 2 in Fall 2007
[stolen from laurel's LJ]
It's official! Convivial 2 will be in the Holiday Inn Select & Suites in Bloomington, MN from October 19 - 21, 2007. Room rates are $89 for a King or Double smoking or non-smoking room and $109 for a suite; rooms will all be blocked on the convention floor except for smoking rooms which are conveniently just one floor below the convention.

We’ll be using the same space we did last year but swapping the location of the gaming and programming rooms so that the gaming room is closer to the consuite and music rooms (which makes sense since it'll be used more than the programming room especially in the evenings).

Another change for the better this year: we'll have the main consuite all-day and all-night on Sunday this year (last year we had to move out by 4pm on Sunday IIRC).

Stuff that will be the same: good people, good conversation, good food, good drink, and a comfortable place to hang out. We think we have an even better idea of what to do this time around to make things nifty (and we're open to suggestions and requests, of course).

The $109 rate is a good rate for the suites and there are a number of them on the same floor as the convention. Those rooms have a living room sort of space with TV, refrigerator, coffee machine, and microwave as well as couches, coffee table, and desk. Pretty nice. Some even adjoin the suites we use for the consuite and other con spaces.

Were you there last year? Did you have a good time? Tell your friends and spread the word. Heck, you could even give us a nice little blurb we can put on our website and in our publications!

Was there something you think we could do better this time around? Let us know. Constructive criticism is much appreciated, as are volunteers.

laurel and I will be co-chairing the convention once again; this time around we hope to have a few more volunteers to help out-- to be honest, we had a blast running just about everything last year but also ended up a bit more wiped out than we would've liked. We know firsthand that it's fun to work on the convention and think other committee members and volunteers would agree (we certainly hope so).

We intend to have registration forms and such at the Pool Party this Saturday. The pre-reg rate is $25 through April 9th.


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