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The rider on the bike shouts "On your left!" - The unexamined life
April 19th, 2006
09:13 am


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The rider on the bike shouts "On your left!"

Last Wednesday I decided to try a different route to work.

The part along 44th Street has much less traffic than the same section along 50th, and intersection with Highway 100 is safer as well.

After work I rode to the Sheraton South for the Minicon Wednesday night work party.

I got a little turned around and didn't quite follow the route that Mapquest suggested, but didn't have any real problems.

I left my bike at the Sheraton all weekend and didn't ride it home until Monday.

The ride was mostly uneventful except for the section of France Avenue just south of 50th Street where they were doing some construction which was a little tricky. One problem I did have was that because this ride was in the middle of the day it was much sunnier than I was used to and I got some sunburn on my face and arms. I guess that I'll have to buy some sunblock soon or risk being fried to a crisp.

Later that day I rode to fmsv and Laura's (WINOLJ) house for the Minicon 41 Dead Dodo party.

A couple people did comment on my bike along the lines of "Hey Kevin, is that your bike?"
I rode home after the party using the same route that I took to get there.

This morning I rode to work using the same route as last Wednesday. Left home at 6:54, arrived at work at 7:51, ready to work at 8:05.


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