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Saturday, Sunday, Monday . . . - The unexamined life
January 21st, 2002
11:36 pm


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Saturday, Sunday, Monday . . .
Went to the MnStf meeting on Saturday. It was an enjoyable meeting even though some of the people I had hoped to see didn't show. I was glad to see Bill Christ there as I had been bugging him for a while to show up. Geri was the consummate host as usual. I left the meeting around 7:30 to get home in time for the B5 movie. It was OK but I probably would have enjoyed myself more if I had stayed at the meeting longer. Sunday I went with Sharon, Richard and Larry to look at two of the hotels we were thinking about using for Minicon 38. The Crowne Plaza looks usable but a little smaller than I like. The Courtyard by Marriott looked really cool but unfortunately impractical. Downloaded Return to Castle Wolfenstein and have been spending way too much time playing that today. Read another chapter of GEB. I think I finally might be healthy enough to record a new hotline message tonight after which I'll probably work on the Minicon web page.

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