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Minicon registration rates - The unexamined life
January 11th, 2002
08:49 pm


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Minicon registration rates
There were a few people who thought this info was interesting when I posted it on the natter list so I thought that I would put it up here so I could point people to it.
Minicon Registration Rates Through the Years
ConventionYearPre-registration rate(s)At the door rate
Minicon 181984$12$20
Minicon 201985$12$20
Minicon 211986$12$20
Minicon 221987$13$25
Minicon 231988$12$25
Minicon 241989$15$30
Minicon 251990$15$30
Minicon 261991$20$50
Minicon 271992$18$50
Minicon 281993$20$50
Minicon 291994$22$55
Minicon 301995$20$25$55
Minicon 311996$25$30$60
Minicon 321997$25$30$60
Minicon 331998$25$30$35$70
Minicon 341999$30$40$70
Minicon 352000$30$40$70
Minicon 362001$30$40$70
Minicon 372002$30$45$70

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