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Old magazines anyone? - The unexamined life
July 13th, 2004
10:02 am


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Old magazines anyone?
I'm planning on tossing out a few boxes of old magazines and I thought that I'd let people know here in case anyone wants a chance to haul them away. They're mostly old computer mags from the late '80s and early '90s with a heavy slant toward Commodore related magazines. I've listed the titles below for all of them that I've dug out so far. If there is a (1?) after the title it means I think I probably only have one issue of that one. Most of them are in good shape, with a few of them kind of beat up but still in readable condition.

Info 64/Info/.info/Video Toaster User(1?)/AmigoTimes(1?)/The Amiga Sentry(1?)/Amiga World/Amazing Computing/TPUG/Byte/Internet World(1?)/Popular Science/Ad Astra/boing boing(1?)/Compute!/The Transactor/Amiga Transactor/Games/Wired/Mondo 2000/The Amiga Sentry(1?)/Scientific American/Amiga Format(1?)/Factsheet 5/Whole Earth Review/The Mathematical Intelligencer(1?)/Popular Electronics(1?)

I really don't want to spend the time/effort necessary to list them on ebay, or have a garage sale and sell them, but if someone else wants to haul them away and do that they are certainly welcome to.

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