Kevin G. Austin (kaustin) wrote,
Kevin G. Austin

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Home Improvement (project for the next few months)

This month

  1. Clean, clean, clean

  2. Get rid of unwanted furniture (anybody want a couch or dresser for free?)

  3. Get broken windows fixed (if anybody has someone they'd recommend for this please let me know)

  4. Get locks rekeyed/replaced

  5. Paint living room

  6. Get rid of living room carpet

  7. Paint front bedroom

  8. Fix up back yard

Next month

  1. Even more cleaning

  2. Get air conditioner fixed

  3. Paint bathroom

  4. Paint back bedroom

  5. Get curtains for front bedroom

  6. Get blinds for livingroom

  7. Resurface bathtub

The month after that

  1. Clean some more

  2. Paint kitchen

  3. Touch up paint in basement

  4. Fix up computer area in basement

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