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Look at me! Look at me! - The unexamined life
October 29th, 2015
12:13 am


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Look at me! Look at me!
I have committed the sin of internet video. If you go over to YouTube and search on "Kevin G. Austin" you'll find my channel. Not many videos there yet. So far it's just one video of me playing Realm of the Mad God and four videos of me playing The Unfair Platformer. To understand the "The Unfair Platformer" videos I suggest you do a search on "Unfair Platformer" and watch a few other people playing it before you watch my videos. I could also suggest you try playing it first, but I'm not that cruel. I'm planning on having non-game play videos as well, though they'll all probably be pretty geeky. I'm working on one now that's about the Spirit of the Century RPG and at least one video on gaming related things I've picked up at the Dollar Tree.


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