MidAmeriCon II

Is anyone else disappointed with the party rules for MidAmeriCon II?
"The MidAmeriCon II party complex will be located in the Kansas City Convention Center (KCCC) on the exhibit hall floor in the heart of the Fan Fair."
"As a reminder, all open parties will be held in the Fan Fair in the convention center"

But what about suites?
"Small closed parties can be held in the hotel. They must be private — that is, you cannot post party announcements in the hotel, in the newsletter, or publicly on social media. They must also be quiet — no loud music or other noisy activities. The hotel does not do party blocking so there could be general public in surrounding rooms and the hotel will close the party if there is a noise complaint.

If you want to have a larger party outside of convention space, several of the hotels have function areas that can be rented, but you will need to buy all supplies from the hotel."

So, that sounds like a real wild time.
"the KCCC requires that no food or beverage be served in the convention center without Aramark’s express permission."
"Come up with fun and creative ways to engage attendees beyond the typical room-decorations-and-snacks party."

Because you won't be having your party in a room, and you'll all have to serve only pre-approved snacks.
"Our corkage waiver for the Exhibit Hall allows parties to serve their own snacks, soft drinks, juices, and bottled water. However, substantial meal-like foods will need to be acquired through the convention center’s caterer at a cost."
"You cannot give away or sell your own alcohol."
"We anticipate the convention center hours to be as follows:
  • Wednesday, August 17th 12pm ‐ midnight
  • Thursday, August 18th 10am ‐ midnight
  • Friday, August 19th 10am ‐ 2am
  • Saturday, August 20th 10am ‐ 2am
  • Sunday, August 21st 10 am ‐ midnight"
"You should close your party at least 30 minutes before the KCCC shuts down for the night for clean‐up."

Any sort of 4am pulse check is going to be very disappointing.

Somewhat gamy

Since my last post about it I've created a bunch more YouTube videos. More Realm of the Mad God videos, more videos of me playing The Unfair Platformer, a video about my experiences during Halloween ComicFest, a video about the Spirit of the Century RPG, and a video of me playing Zombie In My Pocket, which is a free print-n-play solo play game. If any of those things interest you please check out the videos and let me know what you think.

Look at me! Look at me!

I have committed the sin of internet video. If you go over to YouTube and search on "Kevin G. Austin" you'll find my channel. Not many videos there yet. So far it's just one video of me playing Realm of the Mad God and four videos of me playing The Unfair Platformer. To understand the "The Unfair Platformer" videos I suggest you do a search on "Unfair Platformer" and watch a few other people playing it before you watch my videos. I could also suggest you try playing it first, but I'm not that cruel. I'm planning on having non-game play videos as well, though they'll all probably be pretty geeky. I'm working on one now that's about the Spirit of the Century RPG and at least one video on gaming related things I've picked up at the Dollar Tree.