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My day at Nicollet Open Streets - The unexamined life
September 19th, 2016
11:06 pm


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My day at Nicollet Open Streets

First was Roadstock in front of Roadrunner Records. They had a sidewalk sale with used CDs $1 each or 6 for $5.

And free used LPs.

I got there a few minutes after the first band, Cerveza Muscular, started.

Next up was Fang 3 from Austin, MN.

During this quility and Terry stopped by and chatted for a while.
The third band was Rank Strangers.

Then Kinda Kinky! a Kinks tribute band.

Final act at Roadstock was The Spectors featuring Bill Batson.

They finished up around 5pm which was the official end time of Open Streets, but I wasn't ready to be done yet so I headed up the street to Ramen Kazama Rama. I was just in time to catch Birthday Suits. Just a guitarist/singer and a drummer but they had a ton of energy.

Then Blind Shake.

After that it was 7pm and I was tired and hungry so I headed home.

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